This anti-snoring device safely stops nighttime rumbling that keeps everyone awake

TLDR: The Snore Circle Anti Snoring Muscle Stimulator uses vibrations to stop snoring in its tracks so you and your partner can get a better night’s sleep.

The average person snores just over 2.5 times a night, covering a total of approximately 22 minutes.

It’s a little less for women, a little more for men, but truth be told, no one is immune to the effects of snoring. It might not seem like a big deal…that is, until it affects your sleep or a partner’s sleep virtually every night.

Many methods claim to be the solution to snoring problems, but it’s not every day that outlets like Wareable call the Snore Circle Anti-Snoring Muscle Stimulator ($68.95, 42% off)from TNW Deals)”the cure for your snoring nightmares.”

It’s a bold claim, but for many who have tried it, this easily attachable laptop has proven effective.

The device gets right to the heart of the snoring problem – and it’s not a snorer’s nose. It’s the throat.

Attached to the neck by an adhesive, the Snore Circle is positioned just under the chin during sleeping hours. When the relaxed muscles at the back of the victim’s neck begin to block their airway, the device hears the snore and then begins to emit micro-pulses through the nerves in the chin.

Ranging from weak pulses to louder thumps, the stimulator works to tighten the throat muscles, opening the airways to release breathing and eliminate snoring for good.

The device contains 36 different varieties of vibration, slowly increasing its strength to strike the right balance between stimulation and your sleep. Once it registers that you have stopped snoring, the device turns itself off again and stops the vibrations.

This medical-grade device is easy to use, completely safe, causes no skin irritation, and even collects sleep data via the accompanying app so you can see the impact of the stimulator on your sleep.

Regularly $119, the Snore Circle Anti-Snoring Sleep Air Muscle Stimulator is now on sale at over 40% off its regular price, down to just $68.95.

Prices are subject to change