Get the quality sleep you’re looking for with this anti-snore mouthpiece

Being an avid snorer is probably not anyone’s proudest quality. The highly-rated VitalSleep anti-snore mouthpiece helps you get a restful (and anti-snore) sleep — plus, it’s on sale for $30 off.

Getting quality sleep is essential for our health and mental clarity, and if you’re an avid snorer, you may be limiting yourself or others to necessary rest. Precisely molding to your teeth with a patented Accu-Adjust system, this anti-snoring mouthpiece works by opening your airways and improving breathing while you sleep. With air circulating freely, your comfort level will increase and create a special environment to help you and your loved ones get the quality sleep you deserve.

Under strict biocompatibility, toxicological testing and production guidelines, the product is designed with the ultimate safety measures. Made in the USA from medical-grade, hypoallergenic, BPA-free, and FDA-approved materials, VitalSleep is constructed with high-quality materials that mold specifically to your teeth. With a 100% fit guarantee, you can rest assured that the mouthpiece will be customized just for you.

You will start by heating the mold in hot water and preparing it for personalized customization. Then, once it’s ready, you’ll adjust the bottom plate by moving your jaw forward to open the throat airway with micro-adjustments – ultimately leading to quality airflow and a improved sleep. The kit also has a protective case to take VitalSleep wherever you go. Other features include a contoured sleep mask, set of earplugs, canvas carry pouch and adjustment tool for future adjustments.

While the VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece is usually priced at $99, the product price is currently discounted to just $64.99. Stop wasting money on expensive products that don’t work, get your snoring under control once and for all, and get the restful sleep you’ve been looking for with this small but mighty gadget.

Prices subject to change