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Mandibular adjustment devices (MADs) like the VitalSleep, made by Snore Reliever, can reduce snoring and improve sleep quality.

Most people snore occasionally, but persistent snoring is a more serious problem. About 40% of men and 14% of women snore regularly, which disrupts their sleep and that of their bedfellows. Back sleepers are more likely to snore, which could indicate deeper issues.

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Anti-snoring mouthpieces, which are usually purchased without a prescription, provide relief for the majority of chronic snorers.

Reasons for snoring

The root of all this noise is always the same, although various things, including weight and alcohol abuse, can affect snoring.

Deep relaxation is part of sleep. The muscles under the soft tissues at the back of the throat, along with all other muscles in the body, relax. The soft tissue that covers the throat muscles sags when they relax.

The flesh is more vulnerable to air turbulence in this state, which can cause it to vibrate and make the raspy sound people call humming.

In addition to relaxing during sleep, the tongue may recoil and partially block the airway. When this happens, the air turbulence and snoring get worse.

Sometimes the tongue can completely obstruct the airway, which will stop breathing. An apnea is a medical term for this type of respiratory interruption. Additionally, VitalSleep may be able to prevent this from happening.

How VitalSleep works

The airways are made more accessible by the gadget, making it easier to breathe and stopping snoring. The lower jaw will move forward as the jaw moves forward, which will widen the airway. Mandibular advancement devices are things like the VitalSleep device (MAD for short).

The first use of a mouth guard can be difficult and uncomfortable. The technique involves heating the tool to make it more flexible so that it can be used to produce a mold precisely for the teeth.

Put on a MAD mouthpiece:

60 seconds in hot water with the mouthpiece submerged.

After that, immerse the mouthpiece in ice water for three seconds.

Make an impression of the teeth by biting on the mouthpiece.

Repeat the procedure to resize the mouthpiece if the first attempt is unsuccessful.

With VitalSleep’s Accu-Adjust System, users can further tailor their VitalSleep to their jawbone once it has been adjusted to fit their teeth. By adjusting the screws on the mouthpiece, they can move their jaw forward and arrange the adjustment according to how hard they snore. After that, it’s time to go to bed.

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Main features of VitalSleep

VitalSleep has a 60-day money back guarantee, which is rare among its rivals.

According to the website, VitalSleep provides free replacements for a full year for any cause.

It not only offers a tailored fit, but it also comes in regular and petite sizes. Women are advised to order the small, which is 10% smaller than the standard size.

Each purchase includes a free copy of the “33 Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep” eBook.

With the hex tool included with the anti-snoring device, people can make minor, incremental changes to suit their comfort preferences. It allows people to open their mouth up to 25 degrees and can move the lower jaw forward up to 7mm.

Depending on usage, VitalSleep can last over two years, which is longer than the lifespan of many other snoring devices.

Compared to other anti-snoring mouthpieces: VitalSleep vs Boil and Bite Method

The VitalSleep snoring device includes a special mechanism that advances the bottom plate 1mm at a time rather than relying solely on boiling and biting. For this reason, it is not necessary to open the jaw wide during the bite and boil phase.

The “Accu-Adjust System” uses an internally threaded screw. A unique tool that comes with the gadget is used for adjustment.

One of its advantages is the ability of this system to gradually increase jaw advancement over several weeks instead of immediately aiming for optimal advancement.

1-2mm may be enough to clear the obstruction, depending on how severe it is at the back of the neck.

But other people might need the maximum adjustment of 8mm. By moving the jaw forward 1mm at a time for weeks in this situation, the Accu-Adjust system can reduce the risk of jaw discomfort or pain.

Another beneficial feature is VitalSleep’s front vent. However, many alternatives do not.

The ability to use VitalSleep even if one has nasal congestion or blockages makes having a vent very appealing. Anyone who prefers to just breathe through their mouth will find this snoring aid great.

There are two sizes of VitalSleep mouthpieces. Most men should wear the normal size. Women and, of course, men with smaller than average mouths should choose the smaller size.

Side effects of VitalSleep

Some users might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, like with any MAD. But if users start with a 1mm jaw movement and then gradually increase the setting over a few weeks, they can reduce or even prevent this.

Also, drooling at night is a possibility. Again, regardless of brand, this is something all MADs have in common.

VitalSleep Price

There’s nothing wrong with the price, to be honest. VitalSleep is incredibly affordable at just $69.95, especially for an anti-snoring device of this caliber.

Moreover, people can be sure that the cost they saw initially will be the cost they will pay. There are no shipping or handling charges added to The Snore Reliever Company.

Customers should select an appropriate size when ordering. The “men’s size” generally fits the majority of men best, but the “women’s size” – which is 10% smaller – fits the majority of women best. There shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Amazingly, the manufacturer will send customers a replacement in a larger or smaller size for free if the size they choose doesn’t fit.

Shipping Policy

Orders placed Monday – Saturday before 4:00 PM EST will be shipped the same day.

In the United States, VitalSleep provides USPS Priority shipping but does not provide same day or next day delivery.

US order deliveries typically take 2-4 business days.

Most overseas orders with VitalSleep are delivered within 5-7 business days and shipping is usually free.

Those placed in the United States are exempt from sales tax, while orders placed overseas may be charged taxes or fees.

Refund Policy

Customers can email or visit their returns website,, to request a refund or free replacement. Within 60 days of receiving their purchase, they must request a refund or replacement to qualify for their money-back guarantee. The year following the purchase of a VitalSleep gadget, VitalSleep will also send them free replacements.


For the majority of snorers, the Vital Sleep Mouthguard is a great anti-snoring mouthpiece, although it won’t work well for those with weak teeth or dental issues.

This product has many qualities that impress us. VitalSleep user reviews indicate that the product has also won over many other consumers.

It’s wonderful that VitalSleep comes in a variety of sizes because mouth size can differ by gender. It’s also encouraging that when customers order the wrong size, the manufacturer doesn’t charge for replacement.

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